5 Essential Elements For How To Do Shadow Work

Shadow work is capable of transforming your biggest problems into your biggest achievements. It is literally a source of consciousness and wealth.

The Shadow, the dark side of the psyche, is usually seen as the evil part of ourselves that should be eliminated. This is completely wrong. The Shadow is, in fact, the unknown part of ourselves that is struggling to be seen and integrated into our lives.

Since human beings fear the unknown, they fear the Shadow. When unknown parts of yourself emerge, you don’t know how to deal with them and see them as problems. They are, however, your potentials trying to emerge and become part of your life.

Shadow work is the technical process that helps you to experience the emergence of your potentials in a comprehensive and humane way.

Through Shadow work people achieve self-love, self-awareness and self-realization. Professionals achieve higher performance, develop new intelligences, new skills and can lead their companies better. Companies achieve better relationships between their employees and higher revenue.

The Shadow is an Archetype, defined by Carl Jung in his Analytical Psychology. As this content all the other Archetypes, it should be integrated, not eliminated. Owning your own shadow and understanding the dark side of the psyche rapidly expand your consciousness and moves you towards your uniqueness and Wholeness.

This video walks you through what Shadow Work is, what is the purpose of Shadow Work, how does Shadow Work work and gives concrete examples of how Shadow Work can benefit people, professionals and companies.

This is a conversation with Monika Bravo. She is a multidisciplinary artist, an evolutionary astrologer and a very curious human being. Her artwork is exquisite. Her insight into Jungian Psychology and Astrology is deep.

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